Special Peace Prize for Peacebuilding – Network for building Peace

10 December 2018


The “House of good tones” from Srebrenica was awarded for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina by a special Peace Prize awarded by the Network for Bulding Peace.

The Special Peace Prize was awarded to the “House of Good Tones” from Srebrenica which enables children and teenagers a protected environment in which they have the opportunity to access art and culture and thus encourage them to intercultural dialogue, understanding and joint cooperation that will strengthen their participation and chances in society .

In Srebrenica, music was used as a tool for creating reconciliation and a better coexistence, bringing children from different ethnic groups together and thus changing the whole community.

“Intercultural Achievement Award 2018”

10 Jun 2018

The most beautiful story from Srebrenica, the “House of good tones”, won another award, the “Intercultural Achievement Award 2018”, which has been awarded by the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Austria.

The “Intercultural Achievement Award 2018” is an international award and is being awarded for the fifth time, and this year will be hand to “House of good tones”.

The “Intercultural Achievement Award 2018” is being awarded since 2014 for successful projects focused on the solution in the field of intercultural dialogue, both in Austria and globally.

Global Music Award for the song “Love, People” to children from Srebenica

27 September 2017

The children from Srebrenica, the “House of Good Tones” won a prestigious American award “Top achievement in music” for the song “Love, People” presented by Global Music Awards.

“Love People” Song was created by children’s choir of the “House of Good Tones” from Srebrenica together with 15 choirs, 1,000 children from all over the world thus becoming global children’s hymn.

The choirs from all parts of the world, from New Zealand to Venezuela, South Africa, Japan, Canada, Palestine and many more, contributed to the song “Love, People” which celebrates love and understanding among people.

Global Music Awards is a prestigious international music competition which awards artists who are not represented enough in the media and aims at presenting new music achievements.

The executive producer and initiator of the project is Ismar Porić, music was written by Mirko Šenkovski Geronimo and Damir Bašić Duka was the screenwriter and director of the music video.

The song “Love, People” was created within humanitarian campaign “When hearts unite” of the “House of Good Tones” children’s choir and it raised €10,000 to help schools damaged in floods in 2014 in Croatia, Serbia and BiH.