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Everybody should visit Srebrenica because of people who live here

In House of Good Tones, we have a chance to take part in creating the content and to enjoy in it, says Nejla    “In Srebrenica, everybody is nice, we […]

Family that sees life in Srebrenica as a choice, not a necessity

The best indicator of how much they like music lessons is the fact that they go there by themselves, at their own initiative, I do not have to remind them […]

Đorđe and rock&roll

He came to House of Good Tones because he wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Soon after that, he joined the choir, and finally, when teachers recognized his […]

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About Us

The “House of Good Tones” is a multiethnic project of reconciliation and creation of better coexistence for children from Srebrenica, Bratunac, Potočari and Skelani. This project makes it possible for children from 2 to 17 years of age to experience importance and beauty of music. By this project, we want to develop children's creativity and raise the cultural level. With the „House of Good Tones“ children have got a place where they can spend their free time in a good way, singing, dancing and learning foreign languages. In the “House of Good Tones” kitchen, warm, fresh and tasty meals are cooked as well as numerous sweets and all the activities and journeys are completely free of charge for our pupils.
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Music Workshops

Music program is very diverse, workshops include – choral singing, piano lessons, guitar lessons, drums, the band, clarinet and accordion lessons.
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Dance Workshops

We mostly teach children Latin American types of dances (Samba, Rumba, Salsa). So far, the biggest emphasis has been on hip-hop types of dances since children like it best, of course there is cowboy dance and many more.
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German Language

The classes are organized according to European standards, and children are divided into several groups based on their knowledge level and age. Children can gain different levels of German language knowledge.
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Children’s anthem

Children’s choir of the “House of Good Tones” from Srebrenica presents the music video for the song “Love, People” performed by more than 1,000 children from 15 choirs around the world. The music video, which represents the central message of the song, friendship, love and understanding, is a unique attempt, and choirs from New Zealand, Kenya, Vietnam, South Africa and other parts of the world took part in its recording. The song was released on 01 June 2017.
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Love People

Meet Our Team!

The “House of Good Tones” team is composed of a lot of members. Read about them and see what kind of message they send you!
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