Music Workshops

Choir singing


Choir singing is divided into two choirs: a big and a small group where children are divided based on their vocal abilities and age.

The “House of Good Tones” choir is the mirror of this school which gathers 100 children from 5 to 15 years of age.

Choir singing is one of the most significant ways of vocal-music expression and represents artistic cooperation of people.

Piano lessons


Piano lessons take place in the “House of Good Tones” and they are attended by 40 children of different age and groups.

Through piano lessons, children learn basics of playing techniques, notes and they play different melodies.

Playing improves different aspects of child’s musical development like observational, psychomotor and vocal abilities, as well as creating an esthetic attitude towards the art in general.

Guitar lessons


Guitar lessons take place as individual lessons, lessons of group playing as well as lessons of basis theory of music.

The lessons are attended by 20 children, and the curriculum is diverse and includes compositions from classical music, music of easy notes, pop-rock hits and traditional music from different parts of the world.

Besides individual playing, there is a guitar ensemble which performs on important events.

Drums lessons


Drums and percussion gather around 50 children of all ages who play different kinds of drums individually and as a group.

Besides playing different rhythms and songs, children learn about team work and master their music and social skills.

Playing drums, as every other instrument, develops convolutions of the brain and self-esteem which is very important for children of this age.

The band


The “House of Good Tones” Band is composed by children who made their first musical steps with the teachers of this school.

This band performs world famous hits and it also performed in “Hit the road Jack” cover song recorded by the “House of Good Tones” and many more.

Clarinet lessons


In the “House of Good Tones”, wind instruments lessons are available where children can play the clarinet.

The clarinet is the youngest woodwind instrument which besides music education helps with proper breathing and physical development of children.

Accordion lessons


One of traditional instruments in the Balkans, represented in various music styles, is accordion.

As in any other lessons, children learn basis, notes and perform diverse musical repertoire.