Our Team

Doraja Eberle

Doraja Eberle


The founder and the „Guardian Angel“ of the “House of Good Tones” as well as the chairperson of the “Bauern Helfen Bauern” Organization.


“Our dream is to make the best music school in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to send messages of peace and friendship.”


Ismar Porić


Ismar Porić, the art director of the “House of Good Tones”, choir conductor, and clarinet and saxophone teacher.


“In our “House of Good Tones”, children have the opportunity to develop themselves and their talents freely, with strengthening essential life skills like self-esteem, discipline, respect for others, sense of collectivism and responsibility.”


Ismar Poric

Kenan Glavnić

Kenan Glavinić


Kenan Glavinić is a choir piano accompanist; he teaches accordion and piano and conducts a small school orchestra.

He has been working in the “House of Good Tones” since it was founded in 2012.

He recommends the workshops to children from 7 to 12 years of age.


“Peace, love, work, discipline and order and of course r’n’r!”


Snežana Tešić


Snežana Tešić joined the “House of Good Tones” in March 2015.

In this school, her role is to teach children the basic moves of various dances as well as dance choreographies.

She mostly teaches them Latin American dances (Samba, Rumba, Salsa). Hip-hop dances have mostly prevailed up to now since children like it best but there is also cowboy dance and many more.

Snežana invites children who are interested in dancing to join the “House of Good Tones” and dance!


“When I dance, I often feel like a bird soaring in the sky since every move of my body gives me the feeling of freedom and that is actually life. So don’t worry if you cannot dance, but take off, indulge to the rhythm of the steps which take you and enjoy every move with all your heart.”


Snežana Tešić

Jasmin Efendić


Besides the fact that performing music is very fun, playing drums is also a great therapy. We play interesting compositions on various drums together and individually every child has an opportunity to entirely master playing this instrument so he or she could play any kind of music alone or in a band with friends in future.

Everyone can learn how to play drums. Therefore, everyone whose heart beats faster when he or she thinks about drums is welcome.

Playing drums or any other instrument develops brain convolutions and increases self esteem which is very important for children of this age.


“The best recipe to achieve what we want is to set the goal for ourselves. Then, any possible obstacle is just a step closer to the goal.”


Želimirka Malović


Želimirka Malović has been working in the “House of Good Tones” since it was founded. She is a music teacher by profession. She has been employed as a piano and choir teacher.

Since the role and significance of music in everyday life is quite big, the primary task of a music pedagogue is to encourage a child to listen to music, participate in it and express himself through it. Choir singing, as well as playing, improves different aspects of musical development of a child – observational, psychomotor and vocal abilities, as well as creating an esthetic attitude towards the art in general.

Except the timely encouragement of musical abilities development, spending time in our “House” opens space for a spontaneous and warm communication between children and adults and children, mutually.

Through music, we foster important social skills within children, like empathy.

I recommend these workshops to every child since through them they can express their creativity and develop collective spirit and sense for cooperation.

Želimirka recommends these workshops to every child since through them they can express their creativity and develop collective spirit and sense for cooperation.


“Proper education refers to getting the best out of everyone” and the “House of Good Tones” does exactly that.


Želimirka Mlović

Almir Dudić

Almir Dudić has been a German language teacher in the “House of Good Tones” since December 2014 as well as a deputy of Mr. Ismar Porić.

Together with Hilda, Almir is also in charge of welcoming guests/visitors and conducting various seminars and workshops in the House.


“You are only worth the number of languages you speak. Use the opportunity.”


Almir Dudić

Hilda Đozić

Hilda Đozić


Hilda Đozić has been working in the “House of Good Tones” since 2014.

Her role is to perform administrative and technical tasks within the “House of Good Tones”.

Besides that, she accompanies the children on their journeys and maintains communication with the parents related to the timetable of classes in the school and the other issues concerning children.


“Children are true wealth. It is always good to invest in them. That investment does not involve money. Children need much more than material things. Your child will remember and carry through life: time, love and attention and everything else will be forgotten.”


Ahmo Avdić


Ahmo Avdić has been working in the “House of Good Tones” since September 2014.

He takes care that everything is maintained regularly and properly in the school and that our children stay warm during cold winter days.


“Music opens our hearts to other people best.”


Ahmo Avdić
Šefija Salimović

Šefija Salimović


Šefija Salimović has been working in the “House of Good Tones“ since September 2014, where she prepares food for children and takes care that everything is tidy and clean.

Her task is to prepare healthy meals and to welcome numerous guest in the House.


“Sing, dance and eat healthy food.“


Mladen Kojić


Mladen Kojić has been working in the “House of Good Tones” since December 2014 where he works as media manager.

His task is to take photos of events, to record and publish them on social networks of the „House of Good Tones“ and to prepare press releases. There is also our popular website www.houseofgoodtones.org where one can find all information about us.


“Music is the universal language which conveys the best messages of peace, happiness and love. “


Mladen Kojić
Samir Sinanović

Samir Sinanović


Samir Sinanović, a guitar teacher at the House of Good Tones.

Through socializing, We play different compositions together and we cross over difficulties string by string. With music, we primarily try to improve the quality of life.


“Music is the only universal language in the world.”