The “House of Good Tones” is a multiethnic project of reconciliation and creation of better coexistence for children from Srebrenica, Bratunac, Potočari and Skelani. This project makes it possible for children from 2 to 17 years old to experience importance and beauty of music.

In a friendly and encouraging environment of the “House of Good Tones”, children have an opportunity to develop themselves freely in numerous ways. Our professional and well-trained staff helps children to gain self-esteem, respect for others, discipline as well as responsibility, thanks to “Bauern Helfen Bauern“ organization and Mrs Doraja Eberle who after many years of humanitarian work, came up with the idea for this project in the field of culture together with Ismar Porić, the art director of the “House of Good Tones”.

By this project, we want to develop children’s creativity and raise the cultural level.

In 2012, under the auspices of “Bauern Helfen Bauern” organization, we started working with children in classrooms of primary school in Srebrenica. The beginning was hard, as every beginning is, but we did not give up, and neither did children. In 2013, we became part of “Superar” family from Vienna. In the beginning, we had lessons for learning to play musical instruments; later on we formed a choir, and finally a dance group. Besides music activities, children have an opportunity to learn German language and gain various life skills within our organization.

Until 2014, our activities were attended by over 120 children and few classrooms in school were not enough for us. Children expressed their desire to continue with everyday activities, so we needed larger space, our own space. Srebrenica Municipality supported us by allowing us to use the building of former University Zvonimir Šubić in the town centre, and Bauern Helfen Bauern organization helped us reconstruct it and turn it into a colourful place for a comfortable stay for children. We have created a happy place for children and named it the “House of Good Tones”.

With the “House of Good Tones” children obtained a place where they can spend their free time in a good way, singing, dancing and learning foreign languages. In the “House of Good Tones” kitchen, warm, fresh and tasty meals are cooked as well as numerous sweets and our children can get it free of charge.

After 5 years of work, we can proudly say that today we work with 400 children from Srebrenica, Bratunac, Potočari and Skelani. The classes in the “House of Good Tones” take place on daily basis and every child from Srebrenica, Bratunac, Potočari and Skelani and surrounding areas can join us and become part of our family.