Parents of children and young people regularly participate in the activities of our house through the meeting of the Council of Parents. We meet to design the curricula of our activities together. They give their suggestions and proposals, and we create our programs, among other things, on their input regarding interests of their children. In exchange with them we try to discover what the Srebrenica region can really offer to its people.

Through our community engagement we endeavour to create projects of general social interest that we later implement in our house, in the street or outdoors. The Council of Parents also helps as to address some practical and logistic dilemmas – transport, food, travels – which makes our work much easier. Parents are engaged in activities of our house regardless of their ethnic, religious, social or any other background and by their engagement they acknowledge that interest of their children stands ahead of any other interests.

After nine years of working experience, all implemented activities and achievements, the conclusion is that it is necessary to act in Srebrenica with the aim of encouraging development of this town with all its potentials, promoting of universal civilizational values through art, giving young people tools to actively engage in the society, providing to generation of their parents a space they will recognize as the place where social values are restored.

Having trust of the population in our goals and actions, more intense and diverse activities can be made to establish a new set of values resting on the common goal – to create a better social environment in Srebrenica and incite development of a sustainable peace in BiH.

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