More than one hundred children and young people participate in activities of the House of Good Tones and they are provided with a lunch every day. They live in a region where tons of fruits and vegetables go to waste, and their fellow citizens who are engaged in farming hardly manage to promote and sell their products regardless of their quality.

Having connected all these factors, we launched a project in which children and youth develop and subsequently promote healthy lifestyle habits having previously learned about healthy eating and preparing of healthy meals. This process also means support to local producers and incites the idea of maximum food usability.

We develop cooperation with local food and vegetable producers – buying crops and taking over any excess – and we process ingredients preparing food to be served to the students as their everyday warm meal.

We organise supply and delivery of groceries from a few local producers and in this process our cook, children and young volunteers take place as well as a professional chef and a nutritionist.

In this project we have support of our beneficiaries and their parents, and we donate some of the food we produce to the institutions helping socially vulnerable population and people in need.

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