It is through music classes, ranging from choir singing to instrument playing, that children and youth learn within a safe environment about values cherished by other cultures and nations, which encourages them to intercultural dialogue, understanding and mutual cooperation aimed at enhancing their engagement in the local community and improving their life chances in the society.

Music classes are led by professional musicians/teachers with rich working experience at the highest artistic level, which makes the classes appealing to everyone irrespective of their background or capabilities.

The music classes are carried out via innovative educational projects and use of contemporary teaching methods, developed by professor Gerald Wirth, President and Artistic Director of the Vienna Boys Choir and our partner and mentor for many years.

Our students regularly perform within music projects and camps, travel and hold concerts. Our choir section has had over 150 performances both in BiH and the region, as well as in other European countries.

We have implemented many international and regional musical and humanitarian projects, and some of the most prominent are:

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