Today, a small jubilee is celebrated in Srebrenica, five years since the opening of the music house, and nine years of work of the Association “House of good tones” Srebrenica.

A large number of children, parents and friends of the House of Good Tones has awakened Srebrenica today with music walk, music and smiling faces.

The Artistic Director of the “House of Good Tones” Ismar Poric congratulated this birthday saying that in the course of nine years about 1.150 children from Srebrenica, Potocari, Skelani and Bratunac passed through the musical program and that in the past years many concerts were held in several countries and the Association was awarded with great European recognitions for it’s work.

He thanked everyone who helped this idea to live and survive all these years, and for the next year he announced the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the work and many activities, while already in May this music community has concerts in Germany and Slovenia.

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