Another successful construction season has ended, during which 63 wood-frame houses were built, for the same number of families from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In addition to all other activities related to the projects carried out by the Foundation “House of Good Tones” Sarajevo, about which we will inform you at the end of the current year, this year in Croatia where also the focus of our support and support of our partners “Hilti” Foundation and “Bauern helfen Bauern” from Salzburg was to help families who were left homeless after the earthquake in Croatia, which aims to increase their quality of life and social inclusion in these difficult times, as well as direct assistance in the revitalization of the area affected by the earthquake.

This year, 38 wood-frame houses were built in Croatia, and 25 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Theese houses have all the necessary conditions for a decent life.

After the construction and furnishing of four houses, we have finished the construction of a conference hall with a capacity of 200 people which is part of a modern center”Ensemble House”, settled in village Pale near Srebrenica, that is becoming a place for training and education of young people from our country, Europe, and the world.

This year, during the construction of houses in Doboj Istok as well as the “Ensemble house” center, we had successful cooperation with the International forum of solidarity “Emmaus”.

Also, the cities and municipal administrations of Doboj Istok, Gračanica and Lukavac, with whom we signed a cooperation agreements, had provided support in the construction of foundations for houses and other work related to obtaining permits.

We are working on preparations for next year and with our partners “Hilti” Foundation and “Bauern helfen Bauern” we are arranging and planning activities for 2023.

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