Work is underway on the construction of a total of 40 wood-frame houses in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A total of 24 houses have been built so far, and another 16 houses will be completed by the end of the construction season.

The “House of Good Tones” Foundation Sarajevo, with the support of its partners, this year is also focusing on helping families in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as helping families who were left homeless after the earthquake in Croatia at the end of 2020, which aims to increase their quality of life and social inclusion in difficult and challenging times, as well as direct assistance in the revitalization of the area affected by the earthquake.

This year, an additional 3 houses were built as part of the multifunctional center “Ensemble house” in Pale near Srebrenica, which was initiated by the “Emmaus” International Solidarity Forum and the “House of Good Tones” Foundation.

Also, during the year, another multifunctional center will be built in the municipality of Doboj East in cooperation with this municipality, for the needs of certain categories of the local community. The municipality of Doboj Istok provided the land and all the necessary construction documentation.

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