At the beginning of the construction season, we continued the construction of wood-frame houses for families who were left without their homes after the devastating earthquake in Croatia at the end of 2020.

The construction team of the Foundation “House of Good Tones” is in Croatia, and this year they will build 25 wooden houses as a home for families in need.

The “Bauern helfen Bauern” Foundation from Salzburg will finance the construction of 20 houses, and the “House of Good Tones” Foundation, with the support of the “Hilti” Foundation, will finance the construction of 5 houses.

With the joint engagement and support of partners and friends, the “House of Good Tones” Foundation last year put all its resources at the disposal for the building of wood-frame houses, all with the aim of supporting the construction of decent accommodation to adequately help families who have lost their homes, and enhancement of their quality of life and social inclusion in these difficult times, as well as direct assistance in revitalizing the quake-hit area.

The earthquake on December 29, 2020, hit Croatia on December 29, 2020, in the area of Petrinja, Sisak, and Glina, where several thousand buildings were damaged, and a large number are not for use and living.

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