The “Ensemble house” center gets new facilities every year, and this year three more modernly equipped wood-frame houses were built.

The first phase of construction began at the beginning of May with the help of 22 craft students and their teachers. Students are educated and attend practical training in the program of the company “HILTI”.

Soon after, the second phase was completed and the houses immediately received their first guests, participants of the Srebrenica Youth School organized by The Post-Conflict Research Center, who enjoyed the hospitality and all the benefits provided by the “House of Encounters”.

The “Ensemble house” center is modernly equipped, and the houses are built in harmony with nature. The center also has a multifunctional hall, sports fields, a restaurant with local food, which together with hospitality and untouched nature offers a unique experience.

Two years ago, four houses were built as part of this center, and last year, a multifunctional space, a conference hall, as well as sports fields, access roads, and other work on the arrangement of existing buildings and the cultivation of green areas. The works are still ongoing, and the plan includes a significant number of contents and facilities that will complete the center.

“Ensemble house” is a joint project of the International Solidarity Forum “Emmaus” and the “House of Good Tones” Foundation with the aim of bringing together young people from all over the world through cultural, artistic, humanitarian, peace and scientific discourse.

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