Joint concert at the castle of Slovenska Bistrica

15 May 2019

On the occasion of the School of Pohorje Slovenska Bistrica School in Slovenia, the “House of good tones” from Srebrenica was invited as special guests.

On that occasion, two concerts were organized. One for pupils of the school, and the other in the castle of Slovenska Bistrica where, beside children from Srebrenica, choirs and dance groups from Slovenia had performance too.

Twith the cooperation between the two countries and two cities, is particularly pleased the Mayor of Slovenska Bistrica, Ivan Zagar, who said that this kind of socializing should continue.

In this way, the “House of Good Tones” extends regional cooperation, and after Croatia and Serbia, cooperation was also achieved with Slovenia.

Performance at the festival “Musik Schul Fest 2019”

11 May 2019

Kuća dobrih tonova“ nastupila je na „Musik Schul Fest 2019″ u Havixbecku koji se već 60 godina održava u ovom mjestu.

Na dvodnevnom festivalu prilika je da se predstave niže i više muzičke škole iz Havixbecka i brojni gosti iz drugih zamalja, a djeca iz Srebrenice nastupili su kao specijalni gosti.

Koncert u Njemačkoj uslijedio je nakon prijateljstva „Kuće dobrih tonova“ Srebrenica i pokreta „Run for their Lives“ iz Havixbecka.

The “House of good tones” performed at “Musik Schul Fest 2019” in Havixbeck, which has been held for 60 years in this place.

The two-day festival is an opportunity to present music schools from Havixbeck and numerous guests from other places, and the children from Srebrenica performed as special guests.

The concert in Germany followed the friendship between the “Good Tone Houses” of Srebrenica and the “Run for Their Lives” movement from Havixbeck.

Namely, the founder of this German organization, Charly Weiper, ran from Havixbeck to Srebrenica in 2010. That run take 60 days and was about 1,800 kilometers long. Charlie call that run “Run for their Lives”. Since then, Charly has been collecting funds for Srebrenica and helping social projects with the support of their fellow citizens, and this year they wanted the children from the “House of good tones” to be their guests.

Continuation of regional cooperation: Concert in Zagreb

13 November 2018

After the first regional music camp “Srebrenica Music Camp 2018” in Srebrenica, the story continues at Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb.

More than 250 children and young people from Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia performed at the concert as a continuation of the regional cooperation that started in Srebrenica. For children from Srebrenica, this was the first performance in Zagreb, after many concerts in Austria, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina …

Within the “Music festival Zagreb in House of good tones” performance had choirs and orchestras from three countries in the region including: “House of good tones” Srebrenica, SO-DO El Sistema Croatia, Music Art Project – El Sistema Serbia, children’s choir “Čarobna nota” Niš, Choir “Sveti Sava” Niš, Children’s Opera choir from Zagreb and children’s choir of the Center for Culture and Information Maksimir.

This concert, same as the one in Srebrenica, was directed by maestro Gerald Wirth, president and artistical director of the Vienna Boys Choir.

This is not the end because this music story will be continued…

A great concert of children from the region in Srebrenica

3 August 2018

A great concert was held at the Cultural Center in Srebrenica, within the first regional musical camp “Srebrenica Music Camp 2018”, where 150 children of choir and orchestra from Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina participated.

The concert was conducted by Gerald Wirth, president and artistic director of the Vienna Boys Choir.

The first regional camp “Srebrenica Music Camp 2018” was held from 29th of July to 4th of August. Participants of this camp were 150 children from Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, among them children from Serbia, Music Art project (MAP) and “Čarobna nota” , children from Croatia as a “Sustav orkestara djece i omladine” – SO DO and children from  “House of good tones” from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The aim of the camp was to create intercultural dialogue between children and cooperation with organizations from neighboring countries.

The next joint concert will be held on November 13 in the grand hall of “Vatroslav Lisinski” in Zagreb.

B&H Tour: Concert in Bihać

12 March 2018

“House of good tones” were held their heir first concert in Bihać under the title “Friendship Concert”, together with friends from the Musical Youth from Bihać.

After successful performances across Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Switzerland, children’s Choir “House of good tones”, together with the Music Youth Bihać, organized a concert where more than 80 children had performed in the crowded hall of the Bihać Cultural Center.

The concert was performed by the Music Youth Bihać with trumpet ensemble and singing soloists, as well as special guests, the “House of good tones” from the Srebrenica, with the drum section and choir, which were followed by the great applause and ovations of the audience.

The concert was abundant with various songs from around the world, and the children from Bihać and Srebrenica promised new joint concerts and socializing.

The “House of good tones” announced the resumption of the tour of the B&H cities, and the following cities are Banja Luka and Gorazde.

150 children had performance in Zenica

14 November 2017

In a full hall of Bosnian National Theater in Zenic was held a friend concert “Let the love unite” as part of the “House of good tones” tour in B&H cities.

The concert was performed by Primary music school Zenica with vocal soloists, string orchestra and choir, the choir of association “Children’s Note” from Zenica and special guests choir, guitarists and drummer section from “House of good tones”. All of them were accompanied by great applause and ovations of the audience.

The city of Zenica gave their support in concert organization.

The concert was filled with various songs from all over the world, and the children from Zenica and Srebrenica gained new friendships, and they announced to continue their friendship at a new concert.

Children from Srebrenica performed in Mostar

25 May 2017

The “House of Good Tones” performed at the event “Music afternoon” which was organized due to celebration of the Europe Day in Mostar on 09 May.

Srebrenica children performed together with the Rock School from Mostar and the concert was fantastic.

A short discussion on the role of music in building bridges among people took place, where Ismar Porić, the art director of the “House of Good Tones” and director of Mostar Rock School Orhan Maslo spoke stating that this kind of projects do not segregate children by their religion nor ethnicity but they unite them and gather them around culture and art.

The first performance in Tuzla

07 December 2016

Tuzla audience had the chance to enjoy a joint concert of the Town children’s choir “Slavuj” and “Superar Srebrenica” called “Hand of friendship”. The two choirs sent messages of peace and love together.

For “Superar Srebrenica” this was the first performance in Tuzla where it presented itself with the choir, band, guitarists and drummers and Tuzla audience enjoyed the children’s concert.

Performance at “Baščaršija nights” in Sarajevo

25 July 2016

Srebrenica children’s choir “Superar Srebrenica” held an independent concert within the programme of “Baščaršija nights” in Sarajevo.

In Bosnian Cultural Centre the independent concert was held by children’s choir “Superar Srebrenica” which exists 5 years and gathers around 400 children from municipalities of Srebrenica and Bratunac.

Sarajevo audience had the chance to listen to compositions in several languages including some of the most famous composers such as Beethoven and Mozart but also some unforgettable pop-rock classics by John Lenon, Stevie Wonder as well as traditional songs from BiH.

Besides the choir, guitarist, drummers and solo singers had their performances.

“Superar” big concert in Srebrenica

20 May 2016

On the occasion of 5 years of Superar initiative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a big concert took place in the Cultural Centre of Srebrenica as a present to the town.

Superar Srebrenica presented its choir, guitarists, drummers, clarinettists, dancers and the band. This initiative works with 400 children from Skelani, Srebrenica, Potočari, Bratunac.

Compositions in several languages were performed on the concert, from classical music to “Sevdah” music which was performed by the members of “Superar Srebrenica”.

The first independent concert in Sarajevo to celebrate 5-year anniversary of “Superar”

07 April 2016

“Superar Srebrenica” had its first independent concert in the Sarajevo Youth Theatre within the programme “Year of culture Bosnia and Herzegovina – Austria” 2016 while celebrating 5 years of Superar in Srebrenica, BiH.

The concert was opened by the Austrian Ambassador in BiH Martin Pammer who emphasized the importance of this project which sends a message of peace from Srebrenica.

The performance is very important since it is the first independent concert as well as celebration of 5 years of existence of “Superar Srebrenica”.

Opening of the short film festival

18 November 2015

One-minute children’s festival “Do you have a minute” was organized by UNICEF in cooperation with the Association INFOHOUSE within the project of cooperation and development in Birac region; it was financed by the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and implemented by UNICEF, UNDP and UNHCR.

Our choir performed two songs at the opening of the festival.

Opening and closing of the first Investment Conference in Srebrenica

12 November 2015

“Superar Srebenica” children’s choir opened the first “Investment-Development Conference Srebrenica 2015” by performing their song “Love People”.

High officials from countries from the region, international organizations, and businessmen participated in this event and the conference took place for two days.

Our choir had the honour to close the event by singing as ambassadors of Srebrenica and Bosnia and Herzegovina who send messages of love, peace and tolerance.

The performance on the eve of the Summit in Vienna

26 August 2015

Children from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria performed on the European Summit for integration of the Balkan Countries in EU, which took place in Vienna.

The chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mrs Angela Merkel was the organizer and host of the Summit where high officials from Europe, politicians, representatives of civil society and many more took part.

On this occasion, several songs were performed as well as our song “Love People” accompanied by children’s orchestra.

This event was preceded by Superar summer camp which took place from 23 to 27 August 2015 for the children who are members of MAP (Music Art Project – El Sistema Serbia), SODO (System of Orchestras for children and youth El Sistema Croatia), Superar Srebrenica and Superar Austria.

The performance in front of Pope Francis in Sarajevo

06 June 2015

“Superar Srebrenica” children’s choir performed in front of Pope Francis within his visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sarajevo.

The central event took place in The Youth Center of the Archdiocese “John Paul II” in Sarajevo where children from Srebrenica sang the hymn of peace and love.

According to Ismar Porić, the art director of “Superar Srebrenica”, this was a great opportunity for Serb and Bosniak children to sing in front of the Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church and he was very satisfied with the performance and expressed his gratitude to the children and his team.

For the children, this was a dream that is still being dreamt, and their impressions are positive and full of emotions. For two sisters, Ljubica and Milica Deurić, this was the best thing that children’s choir has experienced so far.

“It is a great pleasure and honour to perform in front of such a famous person; we are all very satisfied with the performance and we received great compliments after the performance” – Milica stated.

“I had a good time in Sarajevo, we sang well and this is very important for us”- Nudžejma Kotarić said.

“I am so glad to perform in front of the Pope, it was fantastic, we hope that Pope liked our performance and I am very glad we succeeded”– Ognjen Stevanović stated.

“It was a very nice performance in front of the Pope, the great man who came to see us in Sarajevo today”- Arnel Sandžić said.