“Love People”

The song and music video “Love People” were created for a regional humanitarian campaign “When hearts unite” helping schools which were damaged during catastrophic floods in 2014.

The organiser of the campaign is “Bauern helfen Bauern” Foundation, the chairperson of the foundation Doraja Eberle from Salzburg and children’s choir “Superar Srebrenica”, Ismar Porić, art director, who created the song “Love people” and the music video for humanitarian campaign “When hearts unite” together with 12 music stars from the region, in order to help schools which were damaged during floods in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After a successful tour of “Superara Srebrenica” in Switzerland, €10,000 were raised and donated to schools for reconstruction of the premises and purchasing equipment.

Mladen Vojičić Tifa, Alen Islamović, Maid Hećimović, Igor Vukojević, Dragana Kajtazović and Geronimo from Bosnia i Herzegovina, Jasna Gospić, Ivana Kindl, Ivana Husar and Jacques Huodek from Croatia, Daniel Kajmakoski from Macedonia and Zoe Kida from Serbia contributed to this humanitarian action and the song.

The song was composed by Mirko Šenkovski, who also wrote the lyrics of the song together with Ismar Porić. Musicians featuring in the song are: Ismar Porić (saxophone), Muris Varajić (guitar), Kenan Glavinić (piano), Dado Marinković (drums) i Alen Ekmečić (bass guitar).

The music video was created by Gotiva, Production Company from Sarajevo and the video was released on 30 July 2014.

“We want to sing together”

“Superar Srebrenica” released its second song and music video “We want to sing together”.

The song was composed by Gerald Wirth, Austrian conductor, composer and choir pedagogue who has been choir’s artistic director of worldwide known “Vienna Boys’ Choir” since 2001, and a chairperson of the above mentioned choir since 2013.

The song has a symbolic message of peace and love and in these peculiar times in the world in general, “Superar Srebrenica” wants to send a message of humanity so there is no better way to do it than to send the message from Srebrenica children.

200 children from Srebrenica, Bratunac, Potočari and Skelani who attend music classes and other activities in the “House of good tones” in Srebrenica participated in recording of the video, while 6 of them had lead roles in the music video.

The children with special needs from “Leptir” Association in Srebrenica took part in the music video drawing attention to discrimination of children with special needs.

The video was filmed on several locations in Srebrenica and Potočari as well as in the music house where the classes for children take place.

The song was recorded in Mahir Sarihodžić’s “Long Play” studio, and the music video was made by Muris Beglerović from Gotiva Production from Sarajevo.

The song was released on 21 December 2015.

“Hit the road Jack”

The children gathered around “Superar Srebrenica” music initiative recorded a cover version of a popular song “Hit the road Jack” by Ray Charles. The song and music video were recorded promoting the “House of Good Tones” and musical creativity in it.

The popular song “Hit the road Jack” by Ray Charles who was fighting against discrimination of African population in the USA was chosen.

Milica Živković had the lead role in the music video and also sang the song as well as “Superar” band which accompanied her. 100 children from Srebrenica, Potočari, Skelani and Bratunac took part in the video.

The song was recorded in Marin Meštrović’s “Amadeus” studio in Sarajevo, and the video was created by Damir Bašic.

The song was released on 31 October 2016.

“Love, People”

Children’s choir of the “House of Good Tones” from Srebrenica presents the music video for the song “Love, People” performed by more than 1,000 children from 15 choirs around the world.

The music video, which represents the central message of the song, friendship, love and understanding, is a unique attempt, and choirs from New Zealand, Kenya, Vietnam, South Africa and other parts of the world took part in its recording.

“1,000 children, 15 countries, sing for peace and tolerance around the world.”

Recording of this song was an amazing journey. So many different cultures, so many different customs and so many smiling faces … and everyone with the same message: unity and harmony in the world. The music video was recorded on more than 20 locations around the world and it lasted more than 6 months to finish it.

The world maybe looks like a cheerless place, fulfilled with animosity and incomprehension. Nevertheless, underneath, there is hope, which is heard on the places where poverty and violence prevail… that is the voice of children who sing in harmony which changes their lives to the better, giving them hope for a better tomorrow, for a better world.

“Love, People” is a joint message of hope for a better future, future which these children live every day by singing this hymn but also by participating in work of El Sistema movement which gathers more than 1 million children from 65 countries around the world.

El Sistema was founded in 1975 by a visionary José Antonio Abreu. He stated: “A poor child who is given a violin and a chance to play is not a poor child anymore; in this way he or she becomes a part of something more”.

Nowadays, children participate in work of over 400 programmes inspired by Sistema, in 65 countries on 5 continents.

The executive producer and initiator of the project is Ismar Porić, music was written by Mirko Šenkovski Geronimo, lyrics were written by Ismar Porić and Tricia Tunstall. Damir Bašić Duka was the screenwriter and director.

The song was released on 01 June 2017.