In our house, we regularly organize different children and youth training programs. We pursue their interests and offer to them programs that will in a way complement their regular school activities so that they could obtain knowledge that will help them during their studying or selection of their academic majors. Trainings are interactive and multidisciplinary and they are held in our multimedia room. Teachers are experts in different fields of social sciences with experience of working with young people.

School of critical thinking provides the opportunity for young people to acquire critical thinking and reading mechanisms. Through workshops their attention is drawn to the importance of their participation in objective perception of social reality, which encourages them to participate in the creation of a better social environment pinpointing problems and suggesting solutions. Workshops are designed in a way that a certain universal social/moral/legal issue is presented to young people; this issue will be analysed, stakeholders involved will be identified as well as if any of them is in inferior position, possible solutions to the issue will be suggested and methods how the solution was found will be identified. On such occasions participants will be steered towards the importance of universal human values (love, justice, peace, solidarity…) as opposed to the particular ones (patriotism, nationalism…). 

School of media literacy trains young people to recognize good-quality media content, to identify manipulation spots within such content developed on principles of objectivity and truthfulness. It is conceived that through examples of media content young people adopt skills of recognition of good-quality content, identify mechanisms of misuse of public space and learn basics of media literacy. These workshops are correlated with workshops of critical thinking; students apply skills of critical thinking in the analysis of certain media content. The importance of these workshops is even bigger because young people mainly spend their free time consuming content on social networks or different Internet portals all of which do not assuredly provide good-quality contents. 

School of youth activism acquaints young people with importance of active participation in the local community, ways how to organise themselves and present changes they advocate for, together with mechanisms how to approach local government officials. The workshops are designed in such a way that through universal examples of social engagement young people become capacitated to clearly articulate their opinions, that these opinions are based on democratic principles and that on their own they formulate proposals of changes in their local community and the way they would advocate for these changes. 

Our students are also offered classes in English and German languages. English classes are intended for younger ages, while the high school students can attend classes in German language. The classes are carried out following the regular school curricula thus allowing children and youth to perfectuate their knowledge so that they are high achievers in schools.

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